USA Medicare Solutions offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans throughout the United States. Our firm is licensed and contracted with all of the Major carriers in the Country and we have the unique ability to provide you with comparative quotes within a matter of minutes. Our firm specializes in Health plans and solutions for Seniors with a strong background in Medicare related plans and programs. We can find you the correct coverage to fit your individual needs. USA Medicare Solutions will help you maximize your Medicare Benefits. This page is designed to give you a basic overview of some of the products offered in Florida. If you do not see a particular company listed please call our toll free number 877-300-2214 or visit our "Get A Quote" page and we will certainly be happy to provide you with the information you desire.

Medicare Supplement Plans In Florida

Medicare Supplement plans in Florida are medically underwritten unless you fall into one of the guaranteed issue periods. The most common guaranteed issue period is 3 months before and 3 months after your first eligibility for Medicare Part B.. While Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans will generally have higher premiums than Medicare advantage and do not offer Part D coverage, you will find that these plans offer the most comprehensive medical coverage,

North Florida

If you are a resident of North Florida and have Medicare Parts A and B you are eligible for a Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan. You will need to give your broker or agent the current address on file with Social Security so that you may obtain the rates and plan selections available. From our extensive experience and research we would generally recommend a PPO or PFFS plan for most North Florida Counties since many HMO plans have limited networks in these areas. Keep in mind that plans change from year to year. You should call your broker each year to determine the best plan for your specific wants and needs.

An HMO plan may work for some and be a more cost effective option, however, you should research the provider network to make sure there are enough doctors and quality hospitals offered. If you decide to take a chance with an HMO plan be sure to call each of your provider to see if they participate in the particular HMO.

If you decide to go with a PPO plan you will enjoy the freedom to choose any Medicare provider whether in or out of network, however you may pay a little extra for this added convenience. You will pay less if you locate an in network provider. PPO plans are a great choice and will usually have low premiums and out of pocket maximums to protect you from catastrophic costs. These plans are especially popular in north Florida since many of the HMO plans have limited networks.

A PFFS plan is also a good choice in North Florida. PFFS stands for Private Fee For Service and these plans can be used at any doctor that agrees to accept the term and conditions of payment from the plan. There is no network so your co-pays will be the same everywhere and the plan can be used Nationwide. Your doctor or provider can bill the plan directly for each visit. Click Here For A Free Quote Now

Southeast Florida

Southeast Florida would include All of Broward County, Miami Dade and most surrounding areas. If you live in this area you are very fortunate to have many excellent choices available. There are many HMO plans with decent network coverage, however you will still nee to check and see if your providers paticipate in the specific HMO you are interesting in joining. You should also note that HMO coverage is limited to Doctors in your home area so if you travel often a PPO plan may be a better option.

A Florida PPO plan is a good option for those who travel frequently and use routine Medical services while out of your home coverage area. Keep in mind that the premiums and co-pays may be higher that an HMO since you will be paying more for the added convenience. Since an HMO plan will offer emergency coverage nationwide, if you only travel occasionally you may still want to consider an HMO if you are trying to save money.It is very advisable to consult with a licensed insurance broker to assist you in finding the correct plan to fit your personal needs Click Here For A Quote Now

Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida would include most of the Gulf Coast including Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, All of Hillsborough and Pinellas and Pasco Counties and all the way south to Naples and surrounding areas. If you live in these areas you may consider an HMO plan or a PPO plan in many cases.

HMO plans may have pretty decent networks but may not have as many in-network providers as in Miami or other South Florida plans. You should be very diligent in checking which providers participate in each particular plan.

PPO plans are usually a great choice in Southwest Florida. You will find that there are a large amount of in network PPO providers and also have the added flexibility to use out of network providers and Nationwide coverage when needed. Of course out of Network providers will cost slightly more but it may be worth a little extra to have the added flexibility and freedom of choice. Click Here For A

Central Florida

Central Florida would include Orlando and surrounding areas. and many plans are a good choice depending on your particular circumstances. There are many plans available.

Central Florida Medicare plan choices are similar to Southwest Florida options and you will still want to use the same methods to research the plan you choose. It is always important to call your providers offices to determine whether they are an in network provider for a particular plan. If you choose to enroll in a PPO plan you can use any provider but it is still a good idea to see how many of your providers are actually in network since you will save money by using network providers. Click Here For A Free Quote Now


This is not a complete listing of plans available in your service area. For a complete listing, please contact 1-800-MEDICARE or consult www.medicare.gov (TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048).Hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.