USA Medicare Solutions offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans throughout the United States. Our firm is licensed and contracted with all of the Major carriers in the Country and we have the unique ability to provide you with comparative quotes within a matter of minutes. Our firm specializes in Health plans and solutions for Seniors with a strong background in Medicare related plans and programs. We can find you the correct coverage to fit your individual needs. USA Medicare Solutions will help you maximize your Medicare Benefits. This page is designed to give you a basic overview of some of the products offered in New York State. If you do not see a particular company listed please call our toll free number 877-300-2214 or visit our "Get A Quote" page and we will certainly be happy to provide you with the information you desire.

New York City Region

New York City has many different plans available from many different companies. There are many HMO plans available along with some PPO plans as well. Many of the HMO plans offer little or no co-pays with many value added benefits such as dental, vision, health club memberships and medical transportation, however, as with most HMO's there may be a limited number of in network providers. USA Medicare solutions offers most major companies including but not limited to Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, HIP, AARP by Secure Horizons (United Healthcare) Aetna, Today's Options and GHI

In 2011 we usually have been recommending Blue Cross Blue Shield since they have the largest network and excellent benefits with very low or $0 co-pays for many services. Blue Cross Blue shield also offers a PPO plan for those who travel frequently or wish to have a greater freedom of choice (accepted by any doctor in or out of network). however we do also offer all other companies and somw may find that a different plan may fit their specific needs.

Long Island Region

Although there are some HMO plans are available in Suffolk county we would generally recommend a PPO due to the availability of medical providers. Some of the top rated Medicare Advantage PPO plans are Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, GHI, And Secure Horizons offered through United Healthcare. GHI and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield have the largest provider networks.

If you live in Nassau County you will find some excellent plans at very affordable rates. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield offers both PPO and HMO options while Emblem Health offers both GHI PPO and HIP HMO plans in Nassau County.

Capitol District Region

The Capitol District of NY includes Albany, Schenectady, Troy and surrounding areas. Although there are many plans available in this area including MVP, CDCHP, Aetna. Secure Horizons, Today's Options and more. We recommend the Empire Blue Cross Plans who have the largest overall networks and excellent benefits with very low co-pays, however we are happy to provide detailed plan comparisons at your request. We take the time to certify with alll major companies in order to best serve our clients and provide an impartial non-biased estimate in all cases.

Central New York Region

The Central NY Region includes Syracuse, Utica and surrounding areas. In these areas, we have found that plans tend to change quite frequently. At this time some of the PFFS plans offered by Today's Options are a good option and Secure Horizons or Humana have pretty good plan choices, however this can change from year to year and you should call our toll free number to speak with a broker to obtain a recommendation for your zip code.

Western New York Region

The Western NY region includes Rochester, Buffalo and suroounding areas. Rochester has Excellus BCBS, MVP, Essence Healthcare, Todays Options, Secure Horizons and a few more. While Buffalo has several other companies available including Wellcare. Plan benefits and designs change each year dramaticallly in these areas so it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you speak with a broker to find the plan to meet your specific needs.

Southern Tier Region

The Southern Tier Region would include Allegheny Olean and surrounding areas. Since these are rural areas it would be advisable to seek a PPO or PFFS plan since there may be limited coverage with most HMO plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans In NY State are community rated and guarantee issue in most cases. Although this can be a more expensive option as compared to Medicare advantage, many Medicare Suppplement plans or Medigap plans will offer the most comprehensive coverage available. Keep in mind, when enrolling in a Medigap plan you will need to purchase a Part D prescription drug plan separately.


This is not a complete listing of plans available in your service area. For a complete listing, please contact 1-800-MEDICARE or consult (TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048).Hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.